CKA eNewsletter - Summer 2018
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Alliance Canadienne de Kinésiologie

CKA eNewsletter - Summer 2018
Vol. 2 no. 2

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#KINVISION2022 – A Marketing Plan & New Brand

The CKA/ACK put wheels in motion and has achieved another milestone – the establishment of a Marketing Plan & New Brand in conjunction with its #KinVision2022 Strategic Plan. The CKA / ACK had mandated UpHouse Inc. from Manitoba to help in defining a new brand for Kinesiology and provide marketing strategies until December 2019. The New Brand will be incorporated in many of the visuals used in activities. The CKA/ACK will provide new branding material for Kins to use: ie business cards, KinWordMark, etc.

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CKA / ACK announces a new Board of Directors for 2018-19

June 11th 2018 - Following its annual general meeting, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance / Alliance canadienne de Kinésiologie (CKA/ACK) is pleased to announce the composition of its new Board of Directors. The CKA/ACK also announced the continuance of Mrs. Marie-Claude Leblanc to the presidency of the organization.

"The CKA/ACK now counts delegates from nine of ten provinces on its Board of Directors – a historical moment. 

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Opened on June 1st, the online CKA Boutique offers the best to Kinesiologists! The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance partners with companies that respect CKA values and have common elements in their respective missions. Companies have the opportunity to network, communicate and build brand awareness within the kinesiologist community.

To all CKA Affiliated Kinesiologists,

The CKA is proud to offer you preferential rates on products and services from its partners in order to help you in your practice of kinesiology. Take advantage of discounts. HAVE FUN SHOPPING!

WHO launches Global Action Plan on Physical Activity

In june 2018, WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus joined Prime Minister António Costa of Portugal to launch the new "WHO Global action plan on physical activity and health 2018-2030: More active people for a healthier world."

"Being active is critical for health. But in our modern world, this is becoming more and more of a challenge,  largely because  our cities and communities aren't designed in the right ways," said Dr Tedros. "We need leaders at all levels to help people to take the healthier step. This works best at city level, where most responsibility lies for creating healthier spaces."

New Canadian report on Physical activity

A good opportunity for all us to promote what Kinesiologist do

The Federal Government has just released a new 'Vision' for increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary lifestyles, May 31, 2018. This is something all kinesiologists should familiarize themselves with and recognize where they fit into the spectrum as the solution requires participation by all health professionals.

The Common Vision - A Canada where all Canadians move more and sit less, more often. Being physically active is key to good overall health and to preventing chronic disease. Levels of physical inactivity and sedentary living among Canadians are critical issues in Canada.


"The Brain + Body Equation"

Canadian kids need active bodies to build their best brains. All kids deserve to thrive in mind and body. But in order for them to reach their full mental, emotional and intellectual potential, their bodies have to move to get the wheels in their brains turning.

The Report Card is the most comprehensive assessment of child and youth physical activity in Canada. 

Effects of Task Difficulty on Kinematics and Task Performance during Walking Workstation Use

Although walking workstations do not seem to compromise task performance despite altered gait kinematics, current evidence stems from evaluations of relatively simple tasks that do not reflect typical work duties.
Purpose: This study aimed to examine the effects of simple cognitive (SC) and complex cognitive (CC) tasks on gait kinematics during walking workstation use in comparison to baseline walking.

Translational Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine: June 1, 2018 - Volume 3 - Issue 11 - p 74–84
Harry, John, R.1; Eggleston, Jeffrey, D.2; Dunnick, Dustin, D.2; Edwards, Hannah2; Dufek, Janet, S.2

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CLHIA 2018 Conference – a CKA and OKA partnership - post event report

by Kathie Sharkey and John Armstrong

The CKA / ACK (in partnership with OKA) participated in the CLHIA 2018 Conference held in St. John's Newfoundland on May 8-10th. It hosted over 200 insurers and claims associates in a tradeshow and CKA formally presented as speaker of the presentation sessions, plenaries and special events. We joined other NHOs such as the Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance, Canadian Chiropractors Association, Ontario Association of Osteopaths and other healthcare professionals as exhibitors. It was a prime spot to meet and greet CLHIA members. This event being a national event was aligned with CKA / ACK 's commitment to raise awareness of the profession by aligning organizations, such as CLHIA, with our goals.

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Two New Partnerships: POLAR and MOBILITY TAPE

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance proudly announces two new partnerships : Polar Electronics and Mobility Therapeutic Tape.

The CKA / ACK encourages Kinesiologists to use POLAR's sports training computers known to be the world's first wireless heart rate monitor for healthcare professionals, in their pursuit to support active people. POLAR will actively work with the CKA / ACK to grow awareness and adoption rates amongst the kinesiology practice. 

Preferred prices: 20% discount

"Listening to your body is one thing, understanding what it is telling you is an altogether different story". Kinesiologists understand that having good training equipment  may improve  motivation and training quality by basing  their program design on readily available data such as heart rate, and make indicators of the progression of one's performance.


The CKA / ACK encourages Kinesiologists to use Mobility Tape's unique collection of kinesiology taping products to reduce rehab times and support active people amongst many other benefits. Mobility Tape will actively work with the CKA / ACK to grow awareness and understanding of products and services and increase adoption rates amongst the kinesiology practice. Kinesiologists understand that taking the time to exercise while experiencing injury or discomfort in movement, can be a daily struggle for many people.

Preferred prices: 20% discount

This is why we stay on top of the most current and innovative research to ensure that our clients are supported with the most current material and equipment, to continue exercising efficiently and effectively. With our understanding of the relationship between exercise, physical functioning and healing management, we can ensure that our clients' exercise programs, include Mobility Tape to support them in their movement and including POLAR's heart monitors, will have the greatest benefit on their overall health


New from Scholars!

by Dr. Rene Murphy

The annual general meeting of the Canadian Council of University Physical Education and Kinesiology Administrators (CCUPEKA) took place in Thunder Bay, hosted by Lakehead University, from June 18-21. There was very good discussion on accreditation standards, development of advocacy pieces, a professional development session on conflict resolution as well as a presentation by the CKA Executive Director. The new Executive was elected and Dr. Kerry Mummery (University of Alberta) will be President for the 2018-19 year, Dr. Rene Murphy (Acadia University) will be past-President, Dr. Graydon Raymer (Nipissing University) will continue as Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Doug Brown (University of Manitoba) will serve as President-Elect and Dr. Leslie Auger (University of Guelph-Humber) will serve as Vice-President. The next semi-annual meeting will take place in Toronto December 10-12, 2018.


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The CKA / ACK was represented by Hardip (Happy) Jhaj at the latest Exercise is Medecine Canada (EIMC) meeting. Happy reports that the decision to approve that Kinesiologist be given recognition for Level 1 (Personal trainer) and 2 (able to work with symptomatic clients) has been delayed. The CKA / ACK also participated in EIMC Think Tank where a position paper will be presented to politicians requesting changes in Law to legislated physical activities to help increase healthy lifestyle.


The Executive Director of the CKA, France A, Martin attended the Semi Annual General Meeting of CCUPEKA in Thunder Bay, ON, to open a channel of communications between both organisations and to collaborate in reaching out to students. Both organisations see that there are lots of ways in which CKA and CCUPEKA can collaborate and share information for our students (undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate) and for practicing kinesiologists.

Further to presenting CKA KinVision Strategic Plan and Action Plans including the new website dedicated to informing students, and discussions continued with the CCUPEKA group.


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2017 Annual Report

GLA:D Canada is pleased to announce the release of its 2017 Annual Report on the Implementation and Outcomes of the GLA:D® Program in Canada.  The report summarizes the highlights from inception to December 2017 on the community-based education and exercise program for people with hip and knee osteoarthritis. Some highlights include: GLA:D™ Canada Training and Site Implementation: 14 courses for Health Care Providers (HCPs) • 61 sites implemented the program by December 2017 in 5 provinces

Our report breaks down the data based on program implementation by clinical sites and participant outcomes to date and these results are evident in that the GLA:D® program is successfully supporting people with hip and knee OA manage their symptoms, improve their function and quality of life, and increase their physical activity.

On behalf of the GLA:D™ Canada National and Ontario Steering Committee Members, I would like to thank all of our partners for their commitment and support, which has been so important in helping to improve the quality of life for people with hip and knee OA across the country.

Please feel free to share the report broadly.  A copy will also be available on the GLA:D™ Canada website


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2018 National Health & Fitness Day

The CKA invited Kins to Get Ready to GET UP, GET OUT and GET ACTIVE On National Health and Fitness Day, Saturday June 2nd, 2018. The CKA ACK encouraged Kinesiologists to take part in National Health and Fitness Day by organizing an event, to reach out to meet people ready to be active. Kinesiologists across Canada joined in activities in their communities. Promotional material could be found on CKA Website. 

This year there was a shift in momentum, for NHFD, a grassroots movement to make Canada the fittest nation on earth". With 407 communities who've proclaimed the first Saturday in June, NHFD, or otherwise supporting the initiative, there has been an increase of over 30% in support for the movement. More than 80 municipalities organized events. Where were the Kins? Hopefully being involved in the 10 of Alberta, 16 in British Columbia, 5 in Manitoba, 30 in Ontario, 6 in Quebec, and up to 3 in Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland.

See you next year!


2018 National Kin Week

November 12-18 2018

This year's National Kinesiology Week's theme will soon be determined and will bear the new CKA Branding as per the new marketing plan. In addition, this year's National Kinesiology Week has been officially added to the Canadian Government's  Health Promotions Calendar of Events.

Our new branding will also be launched. Hexfit Solutions' website will remain the designated Kin Week website and will still be an important promotional tool for Kinesiologists to promote their events.

Start thinking about which event you will organize in your community. Last year over 50 events were organized by kinesiologists across Canada. The 2017 KinWeek reached approximately 1 Million Canadians.


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Sharing Information


BC's provincial auto insurer, ICBC will be including kinesiology services as a defined service under the motor vehicle act as of April 2019. Currently Kinesiology is a may pay. BCAK are currently in discussions with ICBC on how this will work and what the requirements will be for kinesiologists.

The BCAK has released new videos that focus on:.

  1. The Profession of Kinesiology: For anyone that has clients asking "what do you do?" or are coaching and mentoring new students in this field, this is a great video that helps answer that question!  By sharing what we do, we can continue to increase knowledge amongst other professionals and the public, about our very important place in the field of health care.
  2. Kinesiologists Helping People Live Better Lives :As Kinesiologists, we have the opportunity to build deep and impactful relationships with our clients. The story of MJ and Donna is a powerful example of such a relationship. The willpower and passion of client and practitioner alike combine to produce sustained positive results. We are proud to be part of this journey!

On June 14, the AKA held a Special Meeting of the Association. I would like to thank all of those who were able to attend. We were able to resolve several motions; some of which were housekeeping in nature and others required more thoughtful discussion. All but one of the motions presented were carried. AKA made some great inroads on simplifying the process of making changes to the bylaws which represents an important step in our ongoing project of overhauling our bylaws in an effort to modernize and revitalize the AKA.

As the great project that is the AKA moves forward, the board of directors is looking to fill several volunteer roles on committees that will support the process of building the bylaws, policies and procedures that will help position the AKA as a premiere professional association. If you or someone you know is interested in making an offer of service, please don't hesitate to contact

AKA must be doing something right as the Star Edmonton reports that " Alberta doctors are 'prescribing' gym memberships and patients are reaping the health benefits"

MKA is updating website to better connect with CKA. It is pushing for facility/local support for Kin certifications and  sxpanding MKA reach beyond Winnipeg :Brandon, Portage la prairie and the Pas

OKA recently completed its "Exercise First" campaign as part of our 2018 Ontario Election strategy. The initiative was considered successful to the point where we are going to extend the campaign and continue to market our messaging as we now move forward towards the second annual Kinesiology Day at the Ontario Legislature at Queens Park which for 2018 will take place on November the 15th. Kinesiology Day for 2018 is being held as part of Kinesiology week to bring added exposure to the profession.

KINESIOLOGY, a profession that lives up to expectations" took place from Thursday, May 3 to Saturday, May 5, 2018, Thanks to all. Without you, this 30th Congress could not have been so successful. More than 350 people participated and more than 80% of you were registered every 2 days. Here are some photos that were taken during the congress. Good summer to all, we'll see you again at the next congress!

Do not forget to put the dates of the next congress to your calendar, May 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2019.

NBKA invites you to reserve November 17, 2018 for continuing education and networking at its Annual General Meeting at the Fredericton Campus of the University of New Brunswick.


Wellness NB has this great website letting you know how to get active in your community! Want to know what's going on? Interested in getting active? Check it out!

The NLKA is focusing on a new image that signifies positive change.  Currently the Association is in the process of redesigning its Logo and the plan in the Fall is to revise our website.

The Association had a meeting with Memorial University's Kinesiology Faculty with the goal of answering how both groups can advance the profession to the students and public.  One of the first actions is the development of  a joint Lecture Series in the Fall

The Nova Scotia Kins are moving forward with the creation of a provincial kinesiology association, as eight people will soon be forming the new board as soon as the required work is completed with the RJSC. If anyone is interested in getting involved, please contact Marki Wong



A number of kins on PEI met on June 13, 2018 and decided to officially form the PEIKA.  We are currently actively reaching out to individuals with a kin degree on PEI and inviting them to join and get involved.   We are taking submissions for board members for the PEIKA and hope to vote on those soon.  Contact Angelie Carter


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A word from CKA partners


Hexfit launches a new aid for research

Hexplorations, a Hexfit initiative, grew from the desire to remain at the centre of innovation in the health and physical activity domain. To collaborate towards this innovation, Hexfit created a program to offer researchers unique technological support.

Hexplorations is a technological aid for research within the field of physical activity. Projects within the field of physical activity often require the development of a technological tool. Due to the elevated costs of this type of development, it is often a red light for researchers. This is why, Hexfit has made their expertise and software readily available. Our assistance has been divided into two programs to help make promising projects a success. 

Independent:  Benefit from our data tracking software for free 

The independent program is a basic aid which gives researchers access to a comprehensive and flexible work tool adapted specifically for research projects. Hexfit is a software which allows you to analyze and structure data, in addition to giving you an unparalleled communication between the individuals involved in the research project.  

Collaborative : Benefit from a team of developers for free

The collaborative program involves an increased support from the Hexfit team for the successful completion of the research project. This help can come in many forms, with the goal of considerably reducing project costs and improving the quality of the finished product. 

Free access to a comprehensive and flexible software. Adapted features . Custom development. Automated data collection. Publishing of final results 

Learn more

MOBILITY TAPE in support to Kins

Mobility Tape is excited to sponsor the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance and support the work that they are doing to advance the mobility of Canadian's across the country.  As a Canadian company, Mobility Tape was founded on the principles of movement with no limitations and our aim is to support individuals in their pursuit of their best active life.  While there will be times when injuries, either chronic or acute, will cause pain and discomfort to temporarily sideline someone, our product has been specifically designed to provide immediate support and relief from these symptoms.  Our unique design incorporates active herbal ingredients into the adhesive allowing the body to respond to the "heat" sensation with more immediate results.  This advancement allows individuals to feel comforted while not having to fuss with additional steps in the application process.   We encourage you to try it.  

As part of our association with the CKA we are excited to offer all members of the CKA a special discount of 20% off our best website prices at any time of the year. We want to be the go-to brand of kinesiology tape products for professional rehabilitation specialists. Our products have been tested under the most rigorous conditions and have proven to perform better and last longer. To support the knowledge base of health care practitioners, we provided in-depth training in the use of our products through industry approved courses which cover a wide range of application. We encourage you to check us out at to see the difference for yourself and use coupon code "ckamember2018" to receive your member discount of 20% off your entire basket.


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Publisher: France Martin    Project Manager: Jake Watson

Jake Watson, France Martin, Kathie Sharkey, John Armstrong

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