CKA eNewsletter - Spring 2019
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Alliance Canadienne de Kinésiologie

CKA eNewsletter - Spring 2019
Vol. 3 no. 1

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CKA #KinVision2022 Strategic Plan
Year#2 - What is CKA working on?

The CKA/ACK is very pleased to report that wheels are in motion, and picking up speed, as we head towards achieving the 2nd year of the KinVision2022 Strategic Plan 2019 to do list. Two action plans were drafted from the #KinVision2022 Strategic Plan in the 2 sectors of Communications and Research & Development.

  1. 2019 NKW
  2. Tradeshow Material Production
  3. SEO Social Media (SM) Report
  4. Seminar for directors and PKAs: Media, Governance, Conflict of Interest
  5. Podcast Production
  6. Matrix of Kin Specialists
  7. Instagram Accounts: CKA, "Withakin,youcan"
  8. List of University Liaison contacts to promote to (
  9. Producing material/articles for: CKA Blog, Podcasts, eNewsletter, SM accounts (FB, Linked-in, Twitter, Instagram)
  10. NHO Relations: Continuing: EIMC, CCUPEKA, CLHIA, Kin Games, Diabetes; New NHOs: Canadian Mental Health Association, Canadian Pain Society, Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care, Canadian Cancer Society
  11. Seek/Research Government funding (grants, etc)
  12. Guide to Legislation
  13. Sponsor Kit
  14. Survey Kins on Sponsors
  15. Boutique: How to ensure Kins use it
  16. List of insurance companies to approach
  17. Study possibility of an Annual Canadian Kin Conference
  18. Website development: One stop shopping to include token with Prolink, Small PKA website solution, Membership requirements for Foreign applicants


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CKA needs your help!

As per the list of actions stated above, the CKA request your help in creating the two following important lists of contacts.

Matrix of Kins Specialists

Kinesiologists that have been trained and work in specific specialities and have gained significant expertise in one field are invited to submit their contact information to the CKA's Matrix of Specialists. In Public Relations and other  promotional campaigns, the CKA is often sought for interviews or comments on  current issues or in specific situations (e.g. concussions, car trauma etc.). The CKA wishes to create a list of Kins with specific expertise in order to contact them for media interviews and their expertise. Ideally, one person per province would cover many requests.

Kins interested are invited to submit a short Bio text and a description of their expertise including credentials (e.g. training that makes them experts in this field) to

Lists of University Liaisons

University Liaisons can help the CKA in providing information and advice to the Student population. In partnership with PKAs, the CKA wishes to create a list of University Liaisons in an effort to continue to improve communication, strengthen ties, and help to disseminate success and leading practices e.g. presentation of

Kins are invited to submit the name of a University Kinesiology Department Employee who can talk to CKA  to:


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2019 CKA AGM

May 9th 2019 20h ET
Reserve the dates!

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance/Alliance Canadienne de Kinésiologie (CKA/ACK) will hold its Annual General Meeting on May 9th 2019 at 20 ET. 

The Nomination Committee has received applications for the 2019 Board of Directors positions available and the PKAs have confirmed their representative. The Notice of meeting and agenda will be sent to all Kinesiologists on April 18th 2019. This year, in addition to the regular business of the AGM, there will be a motion to bring a Bylaw change to reflect the current practice of accepting only one PKA per province.  The 2018 Annual Report will be available on the website. Everyone is welcome to attend via teleconference. More details coming soon. 

2019 Kin Games

A real success!

As part of the 2019 KinGames which took place from March 14th to 17th in Toronto, Ontario, the CKA / ACK promoted for a second year, a website dedicated to helping students of Kinesiology, Human Kinetics and Physical Activity as they enter the work force or continue further studies.  .  

That's why #KinStartUpKit  is a great tool for undergraduates and graduates to get started as Kinesiology practitioners. The CKA / ACK, together with its partner Hexfit Solutions, invited students to take the time to better understand how Kinesiology is practiced in Canada and thus help students achieve their career goals

The CKA and its partner PKAs & Hexfit congratulates all who participated in the 2019 Kin Games, especially the winners: 

  the overall winner and the dance winners the Academic challenge winners

See you all next year at Brock University in Ontario!

Thanks to Matias Golob, CKA Past President for attending, presenting and minding the CKA, PKAs & Hexfit booth.

2019 National KinWeek

The 2019 National Kinesiology Week will be held from Nov 11th to 17th 2019.The theme is Diabetes. Start thinking about which event you will organize in your community. Last year over 50 events were organized by kinesiologists across Canada. The 2018 NKW reached approximately 1 Million Canadians


2019 NHFD

The 2019 National Health Fitness Day will be held June 1, 2019. The CKA will continue to provide Kins with promotional material to use in their community. The BCAK has suggested that PKAs search for "Walk with a Doc" in their community. This national initiative requires physicians to go for a walk in their community, and invite patients and the public to join them. The goal is to promote simple healthy activities like walking, and talking.  see more information here

Nearly four hundred communities, from across the country, have already joined the initiative by marking the first Saturday in June, National Health and Fitness Day! Visit



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Osteoporosis and Diabetes Campaign continues
Awareness of profession

The CKA is pleased to report that the Osteoporosis Social Media Campaign is performing well and is still going on, with over 13,000 people reached in the last week. A full report from Brenlee Coates of UpHouse Inc. was presented. Here are highlights:

  • Web traffic increased by approx. 10 times more than the previous year and 3 times the number of people visited the CKA website; there is high interest and people remain  on the web pages for a significant time.
  • Cost was less than 1$/hit thus below the previous costs.
  • Success is due to visual creative material rather than digital posts
  • Next step would be to focus on FB and not use youtube ads as a test wasn't conclusive;
  • In 2019, we will set up to drive more conversions to "Find a Kin" section of Website

New Definitions & New texts
Awareness of profession

One major challenge undertaken by the CKA is to review definitions and texts used to define the scope of practice, "what is kinesiology", "who are Kinesiologists", "where to find Kinesiologists" and "the structure of kinesiology across Canada".

The CKA is nearly finished the four major texts, and has worked hard to make sure they are "harmonized and inclusive" of kinesiology across Canada. The texts are to be used in the legislation process for PKAs, by Insurance companies to define the range within the scope of practice and as informative & promotional texts on websites.

Once finalised, the CKA Board of Directors will consult with stakeholders and invite PKAs to review them and send comments before making them final. These are designed as live texts as the profession evolves. PKAs may adapt them to meet their provincial laws and Bylaws as long as the changes respect the basis of the text.



Professional Designation
Goal to reduce confusion! 
Awareness of Profession

Across Canada there is a wide range of terms used to represent professional kinesiologists, this causes ambiguity and confusion to the public, insurers and health professionals. For example, the following terms are used across our country: 

Practicing (BC), Professional (AB), Registered (MB & ON), Accredited (QC), Certified (NB and NL), Affiliated (NS, PEI, SK, CKA). 

The CKA's Strategic Plan states a goal to promote kinesiology across Canada. Therefore, the CKA has begun an open discussion with PKAs to reduce the number of professional titles of Kins to two: one when legislated and one when not legislated. This may require changes in Bylaws and or Policy & Procedures in PKAs and the CKA. Following up to the discussion from last meeting, the CKA BOD met in January and considered the positions of each PKAs as per information gathered on how this would affect them, their Bylaws or any provincial laws restrictions.

The Board of Directors has gained the support of PKAs to use the designation title "Kinesiologist" without any qualifiers where possible, and with a qualifier when bounded by their Bylaws or Provincial Laws, for example to distinguish membership categories.


Many Kinesiologists have been watching, with interest, developments within the Ontario Government and in particular those impacting the field of health care. Here is an up-date from OKA.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term-Care has for a while been looking into the current health care model with a view to making changes to modernize and streamline healthcare in Ontario. These changes include changes to the Regulated Health Professions Act which concerned the OKA Board that deregulation of some regulated health professions, could be on the table. OKA has been working diligently on behalf of the membership to prevent any changes that may negatively affect the regulatory status of kinesiology in Ontario. We are pleased to provide the following briefing to give some clarity on the current situation.

Further to attending on March 21, a conference call with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's Director of Health Workforce Regulatory Oversight and key staff to discuss matters of professional regulation, OKA reports that the Ministry does not foresee any changes coming which would combine or deregulate existing regulated professions, including Kinesiology.
There is a general interest on the part of the government in looking at making changes to the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA). The Ministry noted that there was a previous movement to review the Act, noting that the legislation is 30 years old. The Ministry believes that the Act has not kept up with the changing pace of technology. At the moment, the Government has not finished developing an ironclad plan.
The RHPA focus of the government is currently on the topic of governance. The Ford Government views governance of regulatory colleges as integral to the overall functioning of the system and believes that the governance framework around the colleges is not working. They voiced interest in work done by the College of Nurses of Ontario's Governance Vision 2020 project. The Ministry noted that CKO has endorsed Governance Vision 2020. While the Ministry does not yet know if these governance changes will entail a wholesale change to the RHPA, they are intrigued by the proposal and see it as a different way of doing business.
The government does not see changes to the governance structure of regulatory colleges as unilateral moves. OKA was assured that the government would work closely with the OKA and other associations on such issues. The Ministry also noted that they received and have read and understood the letter OKA sent to them in December of 201: this letter, voicing the concerns raised by our members, strongly advocated for the preservation of the regulatory standing of Kinesiology in Ontario.
The Ministry demonstrated an awareness of the issues surrounding Kinesiology, including noting that Ministry staff regularly attend CKO meetings. They expressed appreciation for OKA's productive working relationship with the College. As well, they noted that the Ministry is working to align its work going forward with the new "super-agency" model of health care rolled out by the Ford Government this year.
We will continue to engage with the Ministry to advocate for the interests of Registered Kinesiologists in Ontario.


The FKQ's work on their request for legislation of kinesiologist in Québec has made giant strides. According to the recent statements of the Director of Research and analysis assigned to their case, the Office des professions du Quebec (OPQ) believes in their request and would like to proceed to completion by the government. That is why these people who work on it, and who will be responsible for issuing the recommendation to the government, are doing everything to make the file request perfect. Did you know that the FKQ has been working on this project for 22 years now? These new advances strengthen our confidence in our process.

Here is a video summarizing the steps of the latter.

Knowing that the OPQ will soon have to discuss with the professional orders of health to evaluate the interfaces/interdiscipline of our professions, FKQ met the president of the Order of Physiotherapy of Quebec, in June 2018. This meeting was part of the goal to maintain good relations around the kinesiologists' request for supervision and professional collaboration in the field of our two professions. FKQ have also begun meetings with the government authorities, the Ministries of Justice, Health and Education, with the aim of highlighting the importance of our file request at these decisive meetings and finding the best mechanism for resolving issues taking into account government realities.


Kin Business & Development

The CKA has mandated the Armstrong Group to create a Guide to Legislation in conjunction with CKA's #KinVision2022 Strategic Plan to develop services and programs that enhance the capacity of Provincial Kinesiology Associations (PKAs). John Armstrong & Jeff Bolichowski presented the draft of the Guide to Legislation on March 7th 2019, to the CKA.  They brought to our attention how time consuming, and expensive, it is for a PKA to start and finalize the legislation process; a solution for small associations may be to consider the creation of a "mega college" alongside other rehabilitation professionals.

The CKA encourages the PKAs to consider starting the legislation process as soon as possible to gain from the momentum of Quebec's process and Ontario's change in structure of legislation, making the timing one where governments have kinesiology in mind. The Guide will be presented to the PKAs at the next Presidents Round Table Forum meeting on April 11th 2019 requesting their comments before making it a final document.

The primary objective of this project is to write a Guide to Legislation that will contain information to help each PKA to start their provincial legislation process .The purpose of this Guide is to offer PKAs a practical guide, with a step-by-step plan to legislation, including a list of governmental agencies and ministers to contact, sample letters to use, and information to successfully begin a legislation process in each province.

Disciplinary Role to PKAs

In an era where current issues such as abuse, conflict of interest, and non-compliance to rules, standards and obligations, the CKA discussed with PKAs the role each would have to play should, one receive complaints about a kinesiologist's practice. Further to their discussion, it was reiterated to refer all abuse complaints and misconducts from kinesiologists (such as ethical concerns, lack of insurance, lack of continuing education) to PKAs for resolution including disciplinary/arbitration as required. In provinces where there are no PKAs, CKA will address these in line with Ontario laws.

How to "Spring Clean" inactive routines with physical activity
Awareness of profession

A ParticipAction Blog to share:

Give yourself a big round of applause, Canada. We made it through another rough winter. And while some parts of our great nation are still dealing with less-than-ideal forecasts for the next couple weeks.

Read more

Kin online Services

PROLINK provided advice to Kinesiologists on the question of them providing online services. Prolink can confirm to the CKA/ACK affiliates and the leaders of the PKAs that a member is covered under the CKA insurance program if a member in one province provides advice and services over the Internet or telephone to patients in another province.  The CKA E&O and CGL policy covers members practicing anywhere in Canada.  The complicating issue is related to the scope of practice and registration with the regulatory body in a province.  The province where the patient resides typically determines the scope of practice that must be followed. 

CKA members need to be careful when providing professional services that are reimbursed / paid for by a health insurer if the member is not registered to practice in the province where the patient receiving their services resides.  There is a possibility that the health insurer will not pay for their services rendered to a patient if the Kin is not registered with the regulatory body in the province where the patient received the service.  The health insurer could then also consider issuing a complaint against the Kin in the province where they are registered to practice resulting in a disciplinary investigation against the Kin.  It is always more complicated when services are rendered across provincial borders using the Internet or telephone.

Professional Insurance Program
Business Development

As the actual insurance program agreement comes to an end in December 2019, the CKA would normally begin a process of seeking RFP. As actuaries like to analyze RFP with at least 5 years of data, the actual agreement would provide only 3 years of data. Thus, the CKA has decided to continue with PROLINK and TRISURA without proceeding to a RFP process. The existing agreement is extended for more 2 years until Dec 2021 with PROLINK and TRISURA, the actual insurance program and provider.



2018 a record year!
4004 Affiliated Kinesiologists mobilised
to strengthen the profession
Thank you!

What Kinesiologists need to know about
Kinesiology Tape

Science of kinesiologie

By: Kathie Sharkey R.Kin and Amanda Tankovich (Guelph Humber 3rd year student)

Kinesiology tape has been a popular topic lately and there is a lot of information but looking at the clinical studies and it is important to evaluate if using this tool is appropriate for you and your clients.  I took a course back in 2011 and I like having tape as a tool I can use to help my clients.  I consistently use the tape for common things like posture resetting and alignment, stabilizing knees, and for different pain issues.  Find Mobility Tape on CKA Boutique. . 

Read more

Hexfit - A valuable tool included in your affiliation 
Business Development


The CKA proudly announces the renewed sponsorship agreement with Hexfit for the next five years. Hexfit now becomes an official sponsor of the CKA.

Included in your CKA affiliation, kinesiologists will receive a one-month subscription to Hexfit platform* in addition to the 10% discount rate per month if your PKA has also concluded an agreement with Hexfit. Hexfit continues to collaborate in promoting kinesiology and helping kinesiologists in their practice. 

Jake Watson, kinesiologist, compared Hexfit to other exercise software and concluded:
 "I was impressed with Hexfit and their operations. They were much clearer than other software co. in relation to demonstrating the operations features of their system. Hexfit came across well established and innovative. Their system integration with services that would be provided by a kinesiologist seem to have been well researched and user friendly"

After review of Hexfit's offer, the CKA will endorse Hexfit as a product: well established, innovative and collaborative in providing PKA/CKA with their services beyond the program.

*(max: 50$)

Renewal Confirmation with Promotional Material
Awareness of Profession

This year, once your dues are paid, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance will forward promotional material. Your success depends on many factors: recognition of your profession is one of the key elements to help you promote yourself and to make yourself known as well as enhancing the perception of Kinesiology among the public and other health professionals.

The CKA is providing you with simple tools to help increase your visibility and recognition as a Kinesiologist.

Print your personalized Certificate of Affiliation, frame it and place it on the wall of your office or your waiting room. 

Promote your services, and kinesiology, by using the different kinesiology branding tools made available to CKA members. Use them to confirm your client's next appointment and on your promotional material for Seminars, Clinics, Events, etc.

Business Card: Ready to print after you fill in the fields with you name, your email, your phone number 

KinBadge "With a kin, you can..." : Add to your promotional material 

Designation Logo: "Affiliated Kinesiologist" or other : Add to your email signature, your receipts, your client appointment confirmation, etc 

Thank you Card: Send to your clients to remind them of your services, for their birthdays, after having finished a program with you.

Knowing that this initiative will bring awareness to the profession of kinesiology, we thank you for your support,


New PKA on board: Kinesiology PEI  
Awareness - Advocacy - Business Development

CKA is proud to welcome the newly formed Provincial Kinesiology Association of PEI, named Kinesiology PEI, as a recognized provincial kinesiology association in Canada. This brings the number of PKAs to nine (9) to help promote the profession of kinesiologists. 

KinPEI is lead by Travis Saunders, PhD, CSEP CEP, Jeanne and J.-Louis Lévesque Research Professor in Nutrisciences and Health, Assistant Professor, Dept of Applied Human Sciences at University of Prince Edward Island. Visit


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Preparations for the 2019 CLHIA in May in Vancouver B.C., are going well. The CKA and BCAK will participate in the tradeshow and formally present as speaker of the presentation sessions, plenaries and special events. This year's theme will be "With a kin, you can…." Kinesiology Services in extended health care benefit packages. The CKA, as governing body of Kinesiology in Canada, wishes to guide decision makers. How we can help insurers to manage claims for benefits reimbursement? What are the tools available to validate claims? Why should benefits be reimbursed? How much can be saved? Dr. Boushel, Professor and Director of the School of Kinesiology at UBC, will discuss: Why is exercise so important for physical health? The change needed in policy related to healthcare, community and institutional levels and strategic initiative ideas in the workplace. Minda Chittenden, CKA Board of Director will represent CKA and Zachary (Zach) Betts will represent BCAK. Jennifer Ball from AKA will also be joining them.

The 2019 CLHIA Conference will play host to over 200 insurers and claims associates. They will join other NHO such as the Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance, Canadian Chiropractors Association, Ontario Association of Osteopaths and other healthcare professionals as exhibitors. It is a prime spot to meet and greet CLHIA members. This national event is in line with CKA / ACK 's commitment to raise awareness of the profession by aligning organizations, such as CLHIA, with our goals.

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) Board of Directors has announced that CSEP has dissociated from EIMC. Also, they found it was no longer possible to hold the National Center License signed in 2012 with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

Read more

In the transition period for Exercise is Medicine Canada to a new governance structure, current EiMC Professional Network members will be able to continue to recognize themselves as EIMC Exercise Professionals or Health Professionals. Membership to EIMC will be confirmed when governance structure will be set. Member Organizations are asked to provide funding to help in fulfilling its mission. The CKA is pleased to provide teleconference service free of charge to EIMC to use the CKA Zoom account for their meetings every six weeks.


Matias Golob, CKA Past-President, represented CKA at this Ontario Public Health  Convention in Toronto last March 27-29th. It was an opportunity for strategy, leadership and practice to align to address emerging public issues and changes in the health sector. 

As you know, with the changes around the structure in the legislation in Ontario , CKA felt it was important to be present to better understand and to better help OKA & CKO. Mat will report to the CKA Board of Directors next time they meet. He returns with suggestions for strategies and actions to help out.


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Preferred rates @ CKA BOUTIQUE

Save 20%

The online CKA Boutique offers the best to Kinesiologists! The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance partners with companies that respect CKA values and have common elements in their respective missions.

Companies have the opportunity to network, communicate and build brand awareness within the Kinesiologist community.

To all CKA Affiliated Kinesiologists,

The CKA is proud to offer you preferential rates on products and services from its partners in order to help you in your practice of kinesiology. Take advantage of discounts. HAVE FUN SHOPPING!



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Sharing Information


BCAK AGM is on May 4th with a Pro-D event focused on Mental Health and Lung Disease Rehabilitation. BCAK recent newsletter addressed fake/poor research, an article promoting the Prolink health benefits insurance, coverage of the recently released provincial health report and a legal article on the use of experts in bodily injury litigation, along with news related the government and our operations. 

The Alberta Kinesiology Association had their Annual General Meeting on March 16, 2019. The meeting started with educational seminars on Motivational Interviewing by Dr. Joanne Pawluk and Concussion Management by Codi Isaac, both of which were extremely informative and well received. Following the education sessions, the AKA's members voted to approve the new bylaws, as well as the work the discipline committee is doing in coming up with a discipline process and guidelines. Both of these are of key importance in moving the profession of Kinesiology forward in 2019.

A new board was also introduced and the AKA board is comprised of: Heather Tercier - President; Jacob Pruden - Vice President; Nicole Kennedy - Treasurer; Nicholas Chapman - Marketing; Luvjot Khular - Education; Spencer Wilson - Membership; and Jennifer Ball - Regulation Committee Advisor. The new board is eager and excited to work together over the next year, with a major focus being placed on educating the membership group and marketing in order to build the AKA's membership. 

MKA is going through a governance change. A new Board of Directors should be named in spring.

The Ontario Kinesiology Association is pleased to announce the 2019 Spring Professional Development Summit taking place on May 4, 2019 at the University of Waterloo.

The 2019 PD Summit promises a full day of educational opportunities to assist Kinesiologists in their professional practice, and also to assist in satisfying your regulatory college self-assessment requirements. Register here

The 2019 Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday May 4, 2019 at the University of Waterloo - AHS Expansion Building. More info here 

All freshly published, the annual report of the FKQ presents the summary of the work as well as a report of the FKQ communication campaigns and the evolution of their membership! FKQ President will address all at the 31st Congress 2019 to begin on May 4th 2019.

All kinesiologists or students in kinesiology are welcome to attend the great regional tour of the États généraux 2018-2019 (General Assessment) which will take place in different areas in Quebec. At these meetings, the following are discussed: Get to know the preliminary recommendations pertaining to previous meetings; Take comments from discussion pertaining to the profession in Québec; Address the next steps in the evolution of the profession! Free registration 

The NBKA is active in promoting the renewals and recruiting new members. It also has invited people to rethink their mobility through a seminar on active transport « Winter Cycling Seminar » and reminded them of tips and fun ideas for making physical activity a bigger part of your life. A toolkit was created last year for New Brunswickers. It contains information, worksheets and motivational stories that will help you understand how becoming more active can improve physical fitness, as well as your mental, social, spiritual and emotional health. 

The Newfoundland & Labrador Kinesiology Association (NLKA) is excited to share news about its most recent developments! February saw the first edition of our e-Newsletter, Kinnected - an email blast aimed at keeping members up to date with important announcements, local events, continuing education opportunities, employment opportunities, and current research or research opportunities. To be better informed of prospects, the NLKA has also formed an alliance with other Allied Health Professional associations in the province to reciprocally communicate information about upcoming local seminars and events for continuing education opportunities for members.

As well, in an effort foster a stronger relationship with students and faculty, we have welcomed professor Dr. Jeannette Byrne as our School of Human Kinetics and Recreation Liaison. We look forward to working with Dr. Byrne to coordinate opportunities for Kinesiology students to listen to, learn from and network with working professionals in our field.

KANS presented at the Kinnections event at Dalhousie in February 2019 with the the goal of increasing awareness and providing information to the student population. To reach the greater population, we have recently begun to implement our website, which will allow us to provide more in-depth and accessible information about Kinesiology in NS. We are also very excited for our first official face-to-face Board of Directors meeting at the end of April 2019. Further developments to be announced following our meeting!

Kinesiology PEI has formally incorporated. We have also launched our own website (, and adopted a logo. We plan to have a launch event later this spring.

JOb Posting

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Sports Centre Manager and Aquatic Supervisor 

H2O Aquatique is looking for a director of a sports and aquatic center for supervise lifeguards and pool and gymnasium operations in Gatineau

Submit your resume to or apply through H2O website


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Search jobs   



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A word from CKA partners



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Publisher: France A. Martin    Project Manager: Jake Watson

Jake Watson, France A. Martin, Kathy Sharkey, Amanda Tankovich, Matias Golob, Minda Chittenden, Muriel Ouaknine

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