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Alliance Canadienne de Kinésiologie

2018 Spring CKA / ACK eNewletter
Vol. 2 no.1

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The CKA/ACK is very pleased to report that wheels are in motion and picking up speed as we head towards achieving our 2018 to do list. Two action plans were drafted from the #KinVision2022 Strategic Plan in the 2 sectors of Communications and R&Development. 

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2018 Board of Directors - Call for Nominations

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance/Alliance canadienne de kinésiologie (CKA/ACK) is currently accepting curriculum vitae (CVs) for individuals interested in joining our Board of Directors. Deadline: April 15th 2018

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Differences between the CKA / ACK, CSEP and CATA

The three professions of Kinesiologist, Exercise Physiologist and Athletic Therapist are becoming more distinct and differ from one another by their scope of practice, their educational requirements for certification and their recognition by legal authorities and/or other organizations.

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Physical Fitness Tied to a Nearly 90% Reduction in Dementia Risk

A high level of cardiovascular physical fitness in middle-aged women is associated with close to a 90% reduction in dementia risk in later life, results of a longitudinal study show

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Effectiveness of workplace interventions in return-to-work for musculoskeletal, pain-related and mental health conditions: an update of the evidence and messages for practitioners

Purpose The objective of this systematic review was to synthesize evidence on the effectiveness of workplace-based return-to-work (RTW) interventions and work disability management (DM) interventions that assist workers with musculoskeletal (MSK) and pain-related conditions and mental health (MH) conditions with RTW.

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Fact Sheet on Kinesiology in Canada

Recently, it was brought to CKA / ACK's attention that it would be useful to have a fact sheet to provide a brief overview of the Kinesiology profession. It includes information such as: Designation Titles, Regulator & Professional Associations, Economic Impact, Membership, Demography & Location Of Practice, Titles, Scope Of Practice, Services Offered By Kinesiologists, Training Level, Continuing Education Requirements, Differences Between ...

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History of Kinesiology in Canada

It's Been A Long Time Coming take a historical look back at the development of the profession of Kinesiology in Canada and ultimately, culminating in the development of the Canadian Kinesiology Association we can recognize that it has actually happened in a relatively short period of time. Here is the CKA / ACK Newsletter of 2000 - the History of Kinesiology in Canada and how it all began for CKA / ACK and one PKA at a time. 

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Differences between Insurance Coverages
offered by PROLINK vs. CSEP, CATA,

In order to help Kinesiologists in understanding the difference between the insurance programs offered on the market, CKA / ACK wishes to share highlights of a brief analysis of Insurance Programs offered by CKA / ACK vs CSEP vs CATA vs.

CSEP Insurance Programs vs. CKA (PROLINK) 1. CSEP bundles insurance premiums into their membership fees vs. CKA and PKAs which separate insurance through PROLINK for greater transparency. 2. CSEP does not automatically include coverage for Kinesiology. It is an optional package to be purchased for $85 in addition to the standard PLI coverage costs included in CSEP membership: For example, $2M...

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How a Kin Can Help Clients Get Reimbursed?

Kinesiologists work in many different settings and provide a variety of services. Legislation of health services is different from one province to another. The context in which you are providing services will help determine the type of documentation required and how invoices are prepared and submitted.

In a new section of CKA / ACK 's website, you will find information on who can issue receipts, what should be on your receipts, what to tell your clients when they request your help in getting kinesiology services reimbursed.

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On this related subject, the CKA / ACK has recently learned that Sun Life made a change in one of their programs to include Kinesiologists. Sun Life has standard, yet flexible, out-of-the-box solutions for clients with 50 or more lives. They've listened to feedback, and recently made some enhancements to their Streamline Solution plan design and installation option, to include: "More paramedical services available on an optional basis: Homeopath, Athletic Therapy, Shiatsu Therapist, Psychotherapist, Psychiatrist (in Quebec only), Kinesiotherapist/ Kinesiologist"

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The CKA / ACK launches a new tool for students

a passage from academics to practice of kinesiology

OTTAWA, March 21st, 2018 – As part of the 2018 KinGames – Kinesiology Games - from March 22nd to 24th in Edmonton's University of Alberta, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance / Alliance canadienne de kinésiologie (CKA / ACK) launched #KinStartUpKit , a website dedicated to helping students of Kinesiology and Physical Activity as they enter the work force or  continue futher studies.  That's why #KinStartUpKit is a great tool for undergraduates and graduates to get started as Kinesiologists. The CKA / ACK, together with its partner Hexfit Solutions, invited students to take the time to better understand how Kinesiology is practiced in Canada and thus help students achieve their career goals.

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News from the Scholars!

The CKA / ACK wishes to help the university community to communicate with its affiliated kinesiologists. This new chronicle will eventually feature articles, abstract of research papers and other news from Canadian Council of Physical Education & Kinesiology Administrators (CCUPEKA) and from Universities. Stay tuned for next issue.


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EIMC Representation

The CKA / ACK was represented by Hardip (Happy) Jhaj at the latest Exercise is Medecine Canada (EIMC) meeting. Happy reports that the decision to approve that Kinesiologist be given recognition for Level 1 (Personal trainer) and 2 (able to work with symptomatic clients) has been delayed since one EIMC member has requested more information namely a Fact Sheet with the following:

Insurance benefit and coverage difference between Prolink and CSEP; Credentials, Scope of practice; proof of practicum; cartology on density of Kins in each province. The CKA / ACK also participated in EIMC Think Tank where a position paper will be presented to politicians requesting changes in Law to legislated physical activities to help increase healthy lifestyle.

CLHIA 2018 Conference

This years CLHIA 2018 conference is being held in St. John's Newfoundland on May 8-10th, and will play host to over 200 insurers and claims associates.

The CKA / ACK in partnership with OKA will participate in the tradeshow and formally present as speaker of the presentation sessions, plenaries and special events. They will join other NHO such as the Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance, Canadian Chiropractors Association, Ontario Association of Osteopaths and other healthcare professionals as exhibitors. It is a prime spot to meet and greet CLHIA members. This event being a national event is in line with CKA / ACK 's commitment to raise awareness of the profession by aligning organizations, such as CLHIA, with our goals.


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2017 a record year!
3625 Affiliated Kinesiologists mobilised
to strengthen the profession
Thank you!

Where to Begin my Job Search?
New job opportunities section on 

People looking for a qualified Kinesiologist advertise job position with the PKAs and reach Kinesiologists who meet and support the professional standards. All professional "Practicing" members/affiliates are required to carry professional liability insurance, follow professional practice standards and respect the code of ethics. The CKA / ACK has now dedicated a new section on its website under "I'm a kin" where you can find links to job postings.

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KINmunity! 2018 Kin Games

With such a theme "Kinmunity", the 2018 Kin Games were held from March 22nd to 24th 2018 in Edmonton's University of Alberta. The students are listening and understand that they are more likely to be successful post-university if they are integrated in a community of kinesiologists, and eventually join their Provincial Kinesiology Associations and the CKA / ACK . .

The CKA / ACK along with the PKAs and Hexfit sponsored the Academic Challenge during the Kin Games. This collaboration was used to increase awareness of how kinesiology is practiced in Canada through our visual participation in the Opening Ceremony with the "Your Professional Kinesiology Associations" Banner predominantly positioned and the Hexfit/PKAs thundersticks distributed to each of the 650 participants, in addition to the Tradeshow Booth and a spot as an official speaker at the Career Fair and Conferences.

In the Academic Challenge, new to this year, all delegates on a team participated in the academic challenges. On Friday afternoon, each team attended a series of presentations where the content for the academic challenges was covered. Points were awarded for session attendance. On Saturday, teams were tested on their understanding of the material through the Academic Challenge. Congratulations to University of Alberta for an amazing event. Well done! Here are some highlights.

The Winners are:

The CKA / ACK, PKAs and Hexfit would like to congratulate the winners of the KIN Games 2018 Academic Challenge: Queens (1st), McMaster (2nd), Waterloo (3rd) and Queens for 1st place overall for the 4th year in a row.


The Launch:

It's a start! 2018 KinGames are launched. CKA / ACK  & PKAs along with our partner Hexfit Solutions are proud sponsors. Good luck to each team!

The Opening Ceremonies:

Kin Games 2018 Opening Ceremonies Video

The Dance Challenge :

The Dance Challenge was as always a great event. Students were very creative.
Have a look at the Dance challenge video!

The Career Fair:

Thanks Alberta Kinesiology Association for their assistance attending CKA / ACK  / PKAs booth at KIN Games 2018. Ryan Henry is very popular as he helped and engaged conversation in the Booth. Even the President of AKA, Jacob Pruden came visit. Great collaboration!

The Presentations:

I had the privilege to speak before future kinesiologists - 32 universities, 800 students of the KIN Games 2018 - on behalf of all PKAs

Important Dates

2018 Kin Week

November 12-18 2018

This year's National Kinesiology Week's theme is still to be determined and will be part of the new marketing plan.
A refreshed branding should also be launched.

The Hexfit Solutions partnership with the dedicated website will still be an important promotional tool for Kinesiologists to promote their events.

Start thinking about which event you will organize in your community. Last year over 50 events were organized by kinesiologists across Canada. The 2017 KinWeek reached approximately 1 Million Canadians

2018 NHFD

June 2nd 2018


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Sharing Information


BC's provincial auto insurer, ICBC will be including kinesiology services as a defined service under the motor vehicle act as of April 2019. Currently Kinesiology is a may pay. BCAK are currently in discussions with ICBC on how this will work and what the requirements will be for kinesiologists.

The AKA 2018 AGM was affected by the snow storm on March 3rd in Calgary. Just a few members were able to reach destination after long hours on the road. The AKA is thinking of revisiting the date of its AGM next year for one with hopefully a more clement weather.

The OKA 2018 AGM will be held on April 28th in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of University of Waterloo. Join them for this great event — #KINat50: Looking Back, Moving Forward.

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, the Federation annual Congress will be held under the theme "Kinesiology, a profession that lives up to expectations"  from May 3 to 5, 2018 in Lévis. We are expecting about 400 delegates. Join this important event by visiting


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A word from CKA partners


 Sedentary Behavior and Depression

Human Kinetics wishes to share an excerpt with Kinesiologists. This is an excerpt by Stuart J.H. Biddle and Stephan Bandelow from Sedentary Behavior and Health edited by Weimo Zhu, PhD, and Neville Owen, PhD.

Teychenne, Ball, and Salmon (2008) conducted a systematic review on depression and sedentary behavior in adults. Seven observational (5 cross-sectional and 2 longitudinal) and four intervention studies were included. Of the observational studies, 6 of 7 showed a positive association between sedentary behavior and depression; that is, higher sedentary behavior was associated with greater depression. The other study also showed this for time spent surfing the Internet, but reported negative associations for depression with hours spent e-mailing and using chat rooms. This suggests that the type of sedentary behavior may be an important moderator of any association between sedentary behavior and depression. More is said on this subject later in the chapter.

The four intervention studies reviewed by Teychenne et al. (2008) showed mixed results: one study showed no effect and one showed an increase in depression after the introduction of free computer and Internet use, while two showed that the risk of depression was reduced during the intervention. One provided extra computer and Internet use while the other used extra chat sessions. The latter may have boosted well-being through social interaction. It is important to note that the authors of the review concluded that at the time, no interventions had attempted to reduce sedentary behavior in an effort to assess changes in depression.

Since the review by Teychenne et al. (2008), there have been several large-scale epidemiological studies published on this topic. Vallance and colleagues (2011) analyzed data from 2,862 adults from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) for 2005-2006. This is a national survey of U.S. adults that, for this time period, assessed physical activity and sedentary behavior objectively using accelerometers. Depression was assessed using the Patient Health Questionnaire-9.

Results showed that in comparison to the least sedentary quartile (the reference group), there was a trend for a greater risk of depression for those with higher levels of sedentary behavior. This was most clearly shown in the most sedentary quartile. This is shown in figure 12.1 for data from model 1 (odds ratios adjusted for gender, ethnicity, and age) and for model 2 with additional adjustment for other sociodemographic factors, health status, and moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity (MVPA). Although model 2 shows some attenuation of the odds for depression, the same trend is evident, and the most sedentary group has a twofold elevated risk of depression over those in the lowest sedentary quartile

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