CKA eNewsletter - Winter 2018
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Alliance Canadienne de Kinésiologie

CKA eNewsletter - Winter 2018
Vol. 2 no. 4

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CKA #KinVision2022 Strategic Plan
Report Card - 
What is CKA working on?

As the CKA approaches the end of the first year in its five-year Strategic Plan, it is evident that much has been accomplished to promote Kinesiology. The eNewsletter is a reflection on that which has been undertaken during 2018 and reports on business continuing into the New year. 

What is CKA working on?

  • Osteoporosis and Diabetes Campaign 
  • New Definitions and New texts for the Website
  • Professional Designation
  • 2019 CLHIA May 7-9th2019 – Vancouver BC 
  • 2019 Kin Games – March 14-17th2019
  • Guide to Legislation
  • New Sponsor Package
  • Renewal Reminder and Continuing Education
  • Reviewing the 2019 Action Plan: Setting Priorities


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2018 NKW - 1 million reached!

November 12 to 18th 2018

Great success!
Thank you all

As part of the National Kinesiology Week, presented by Hexfit, from November 12-18th 2018, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA) reached 1 million people for a second year in a row. During Kin week, the CKA acknowledged the Let's Get Moving report, the latest initiative from the Government of Canada to create a common goal where all Canadians move more and sit less, more often. Kinesiologists invited Canadians to take a proactive role in adressing chronic disease. Typically, Canadians are relying on medication for the management of chronic conditions such as Diabetes and Osteoporosis. But by choosing to treat their chronic disease with physical activity, Canadians can play a more active role in managing their diseases and enjoy a better quality of life. This is why the CKA, in an effort to foster more collaboration between various health groups, is proud to have supported initiatives such as the World Diabetes Day held on November 14 and Osteoporosis Month in November. Kinesiologists can also play an active role in developing the Canadians of tomorrow. ParticipACTION recently reported that kids who are less active are at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular and metabolic-related diseases, such as Diabetes, in adulthood. More than 50 activities were happening during National Kinesiology Week,  

Some significant results:

  1. Theme: "Move better, live better" The 2018 NKW Campaign supported November Osteoporosis month and November 14th World Diabetes Day, bringing awareness of Kinesiology in performing community outreach activities in November. 
  2. Activities: 47 activities (12% increase from 2017) carried out by Kinesiologists and eight PKAs: meetings, seminars, webinars, physical activities and much more highlighting the initiative and the creativity of Kinesiologists when it comes to make the world "move".  
  3. Public Relation Campaign: 27 interviews, mainly from Radio (22), TV (1) and Web (4). (13% increase from 2017) 
  4. Other initiatives included a successful Social Media Campaign, a library of Videos and Graphics, Website accessible toolkit and event calendar and eblasts to over 3800 Kinesiologists 

Our thanks extend to all KinWeek participants and to the following groups for their active and ongoing participation throughout the process:

• Hexfit – official presenter of National Kinesiology Week
• Kinesiologists that have organized activities, and for some, more than one!
• Provincial Kinesiology Associations (8)
• International Diabetes Federation and Osteoporosis Canada
• ParticipAction, EIMC, CCUPEKA, GLA:D, Mobility Tape
• Universities:  Winnipeg MB, Royal Mount AB, Moncton NB, McGill University

The CKA also partnered with UpHouse Inc as Social Media/Marketing Campaign and Ah! Com as Public Relations Consultant, Sophie Allard, APR 


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Osteoporosis and Diabetes Campaign continues
Awareness of rpofession

The social media campaign launch in November with NKW has been successful in promoting kinesiology through collaborative efforts with Osteoporosis and Diabetes Canada, and continues into 2019. The CKAhas invested more than $30,000 in 2018 towards marketing and communications campaigns for Kinesiologists, specifically related to Osteoporosis and Diabetes including videos, social media graphics, social media posts and blog articles published on the new CKABlog linked to an RSS feed. 

New Definitions & New texts
Awareness of Profession

Many of the texts used in most CKA publications have not been reviewed in years. In light of having redesigned the French KinStartUpKit, four texts are in the process of revision by the Communications Committee. The texts relate to: What is kinesiology, Kinesiologist's scope of practice, Why Legislation and the structure of kinesiology in Canada. Updating the texts will clarify a Kinesiologist's role and represent the diversity in our practice. The new texts will be available in the new year



Professional Designation
Goal to reduce confusion! 
Awareness of Profession

Across Canada there is a wide range of terms used to represent professional kinesiologists, this causes ambiguity and confusion to the public, insurers and health professionals. For example, the following terms are used across our country: 

Practicing (BC), Professional (AB), Registered (MB & ON), Accredited (QC), Certified (NB and NL), Affiliated (NS, PEI, SK, CKA). 

The CKA's strategic plan states a goal to promote kinesiology across Canada. Therefore, the CKA has begun an open discussion with PKAs to reduce the number of professional titles of Kins to two: one when legislated and one when not legislated. This may require changes in Bylaws and or Policy & Procedures in PKAs and the CKA. 

At the last President Round Table Forum Meeting, the PKAs agreed to work to reduce the number of different professional designation titles for Kinesiologists in Canada. Each PKA, will provide the CKA with their provincial legal requirements (health ministry etc.) and their provincial bylaws. In the meantime, the CKA Communications Committee has made its recommendation to the Board of Directors. Their opinion is that using the term "Kinesiologist" will most likely be the more versatile term to use considering the limits and restrictions from PKAs and CKAs Bylaws and/or rules from provincial governments. Just as Physiotherapists and Physicians have no qualifiers to their name, the Communications Committee recommends to only use the term "Kinesiologist". The CKA will evaluate all points of view and bring this to the next Presidents Round Table Forum meeting to continue finding a solution.

Kin Business & Development

The CKA has mandated the Armstrong Group to create a Guide to Legislation in conjunction with CKA's #KinVision2022 Strategic Plan to develop services and programs that enhance the capacity of Provincial Kinesiology Associations (PKAs).

The primary objective of this project is to write a Guide to Legislation that will contain information related to help each PKA to begin their legislation process in their respective province. The Armstrong Group has recently reported to the Board of Directors that their research phase is almost complete and has highlighted the differences between provinces. The Guide will most likely be available early spring. PKAs are invited to include in the 2019 Action Plan to consider working with this Guide to Legislation.

The purpose of this Guide is to offer PKAs a practical guide in which, for each province, with a step-by-step plan to legislation, including a list of governmental agencies and ministers to contact, sample letters to use, and information to successfully begin a legislation process in each province.



Many Kinesiologist have been watching, with interest, developments by the Ontario Government and particularly those impacting the field of health care. For some time prior to the provincial election COKO were made aware that the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care intended to implement a major "modernization" of the legislative and regulatory framework governing health care professions. Work has been underway in the Ministry for many months researching models of governance in other jurisdictions. Certainly, it was the intent to achieve a model of governance for health care professions which would increase accountability, simplify regulation, reduce the overall costs of governance and provide a variety of regulatory levels for professions. It also indicated that the number of regulatory colleges (26) seemed excessive especially in comparison to other jurisdictions.

As we look towards the future, there will be changes in the structure of the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario along with other health profession regulators, it is our hope that these changes do not impact the fact that Kinesiology is a legislated profession. CKA supports OKA and COKO in their efforts to work on behalf of Kinesiologists

Exercise Early and Often: Effects of Physical Activity and Exercise on Women's Bone Health
Science of kinesiologie

Troy KL, et al. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2018. - Suggested by NBKA

In 2011 over 1.7 million people were hospitalized because of a fragility fracture, and direct costs associated with osteoporosis treatment exceeded 70 billion dollars in the United States. Failure to reach and maintain optimal peak bone mass during adulthood is a critical factor in determining fragility fracture risk later in life. Physical activity is a widely accessible, low cost, and highly modifiable contributor to bone health. Exercise is especially effective during adolescence, a time period when nearly 50% of peak adult bone mass is gained. Here, we review the evidence linking exercise and physical activity to bone health in women. Bone structure and quality will be discussed, especially in the context of clinical diagnosis of osteoporosis. We review the mechanisms governing bone metabolism in the context of physical activity and exercise. Questions such as, when during life is exercise most effective, and what specific types of exercises improve bone health, are addressed. Finally, we discuss some emerging areas of research on this topic, and summarize areas of need and opportunity.

Read more

Hexfit - A valuable tool included in your affiliation 
Business Development


The CKA proudly announces the renewed sponsorship agreement with Hexfit for the next five years. Hexfit now becomes an official sponsor of the CKA.

Included in your CKA affiliation, kinesiologists will receive a one-month subscription to Hexfit platform* in addition to the 10% discount rate per month if your PKA has also concluded an agreement with Hexfit. Hexfit continues to collaborate in promoting kinesiology and helping kinesiologists in their practice. 

Jake Watson, kinesiologist, compared Hexfit to other exercise software and concluded:
 "I was impressed with Hexfit and their operations. They were much clearer than other software co. in relation to demonstrating the operations features of their system. Hexfit came across well established and innovative. Their system integration with services that would be provided by a kinesiologist seem to have been well researched and user friendly"

After review of Hexfit's offer, the CKA will endorse Hexfit as a product: well established, innovative and collaborative in providing PKA/CKAwith their services beyond the program.

*(max: 50$)

Renewal Reminder & Continuing Education Status
Awareness of Profession

Awareness of Profession

Deadline CKAAffiliation Renewals Deadline is December 31st, 2018. 2019 Affiliation Dues are $38.95 plus applicable taxes. 

Once your dues are paid, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance will forward you a Certificate of Affiliation which certifies that you are recognized by your National Professional Association. Your success depends on many factors: recognition of your profession is one of the key elements to help you promote yourself and to make yourself known as well as enhancing the perception of Kinesiology among the public and other health professionals.

The CKAis providing you with simple tools to help increase your visibility and recognition as a Kinesiologist.

Print your personalized Certificate of Affiliation, frame it and place it on the wall of your office or your waiting room. 

Promote your services, and kinesiology, by using the different kinesiology branding tools made available to CKAmembers. Use them to confirm your client's next appointment and on your promotional material for Seminars, Clinics, Events, etc

Business Card: Ready to print after you fill in the fields with you name, your email, your phone number 

KinBadge "With a kin, you can..." : Add to your promotional material 

Designation Logo: "Affiliated Kinesiologist" or other : Add to your email signature, your receipts, your client appointment confirmation, etc 

Thank you Card: Send to your clients to remind them of your services, for their birthdays, after having finished a program with you.

Knowing that this initiative will bring awareness to the profession of kinesiology, we thank you for your support,


New PKA on board: KANS 
Awareness - Advocacy - Business Development

CKA is proud to welcome the Kinesiology Association of Nova Scotia (KANS) as a recognized provincial kinesiology association in Canada. This brings the number of PKAs to eight (8) to help promote the profession of kinesiologists. 

As part of the 2018 National Kinesiology Week, KANS extended an invitation to all kinesiologists in Nova Scotia – practicing or students, to discuss the future of kinesiology in the province. Lead by Marki Wong, president, they had an open-ended discussion with current issues addressed such as insurance coverage, new promotional material for Kin services, and how a professional association can help a Kin. For more information: email


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2019 CLHIA MAY 7-9TH – VANCOUVER BC - As per last year's success when attending the Claims and Anti-Fraud Annual Conference, CKA has partnered with PKAs to represent them annually to this event.  It hosted over 200 insurers and claims associates in a tradeshow and CKA formally presented at the presentation sessions, plenaries and special events. We joined other NHOs such as the Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance, Canadian Chiropractors Association, Ontario Association of Osteopaths and other healthcare professionals as exhibitors. In 2018, it was a prime spot to meet and greet CLHIA members. This national event meets the CKA/ ACK 's commitment to raise awareness of the profession by aligning organizations, such as CLHIA, with our goals.

EIMC has held its 2nd yearly meeting from Nov 1st to 4th in Niagara Falls. Hardip (Happy) Jhaj, CKA Vice-President has attend the meeting to continue seeking to obtain final approval of the pending recognition – of Kinesiologists to be given recognition for Level 1 (Personal trainer) and 2 (able to work with symptomatic clients). From this meeting, an action plan was established – short term, longer term objectives. Thus, to be continued in the coming months.



(CLHIA Cont'd) This year, CKA/ PKAs, as governing bodies of Kinesiology in Canada, wish to guide, inform and influence the decision makers of insurance companies. In the workshop titled "With a kin, you can…." Kinesiology Services in extended health care benefit packages", the participant will be informed of the profession of kinesiology, its practice and how we can help in managing claims for benefits reimbursed from major insurance companies. What are the tools available to insurers to validate claims? Why should benefits be reimbursed? How much can be saved from including physical activity as benefit in a plan?

Dr. Boushel, Professor and Director of the School of Kinesiology at UBC, will discuss: Why is exercise so important for physical health? The intriguing, powerful biological effects of exercise on the body that promote (and necessary for) health; What are the economic implications of physical inactivity? The population and individual level data on physical activity/inactivity and the implications for the workforce/workplace; What approaches can we take to promote wellness in the workplace? The change approaches needed in policy related to healthcare, community and institutional levels and strategic initiative ideas in the workplace.


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The online CKA Boutique offers the best to Kinesiologists! The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance partners with companies that respect CKA values and have common elements in their respective missions.

Companies have the opportunity to network, communicate and build brand awareness within the Kinesiologist community.

To all CKA Affiliated Kinesiologists,

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Sharing Information


It's official! Kinesiology is recognized in BC by the ICBC – Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. ICBC will add new treatment providers including kinesiology, acupuncture, counselling and massage therapy to the list of treatments pre-approved for payment, which means injured customers don't need to wait for their ICBC's approval before getting these types of treatments.  The provincial government and ICBC have announced a multi-part solution to relieve the pressure on basic insurance rates and create a care-based insurance model for British Columbia, which makes taking care of people injured in a car crash the top priority. 

New BCAK logo and updated website : Check it out at

he AKA board of directors have been busy at work through fall with a successful NKW and a focus towards planning out 2019 actions.  The AKA reminds and encourages all members to take advantage of all of the benefits available through their membership (learn more at

Kinesiologists are have been very active during 2018 NKW in Manitoba. More than 15 events were organised at different venues. Most active PKA. Congratulations!

The OKA welcomes new members to its Board of Directors elected on Nov. 15th, namely Krista Crozier, R.Kin., as new President for 2019. During NKW, the OKA was active on its annual Queen Park activity; OKA is redesigning its new website; OKA's academic advisory committee is to establish practice based on research network and influence University to keep up with curriculum

National Kinesiology Week : What a success !! With a national reach of more than 1,000,000 people, Kinesiologists in Quebec alone have managed to reach more than 89,000 Quebecers with publications, videos, and media interviews. Not to mention the many media engagements. Congratulations to all of us!

The FKQ is currently holding a general meeting which is intended to be an immense consultation on the profession and which will be used to update the practice and training of kinesiologists in Quebec. Your thoughts are important to the future of your profession. Join the conversation on:

The NBKA is active in promoting the renewals and recruting new members. It also has invited people to rethink their mobility through a seminar on active transport « Winter Cycling Seminar » and reminded them of tips and fun ideas for making physical activity a bigger part of your life. A toolkit was created last year for New Brunswickers. It contains information, worksheets and motivational stories that will help you understand how becoming more active can improve physical fitness, as well as your mental, social, spiritual and emotional health. 

Check it out at

NLKA had a busy Fall 2018.  The AGM was held in November. All current Board members are returning and a new Board position has been filled.  KIN Week had several successful activities with public education and student engagement sessions. To help invigorate marketing, branding and awareness a new logo has been designed.  In the New Year, a Planning day is scheduled to formulate key objectives/goals and details on how we are going to achieve these in 2019

Kinesiologists of Nova Scotia are excited to announce that the Kinesiology Association of Nova Scotia (KANS), is now officially on board as a provincial association within the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance!Led by Marki Wong as President, new activites are organized regularly to recruit members and promote the new association. Like KANS FB pagehere!

Members of the UPEI Kinesiology Program and the PEI Kinesiology Association were celebrating National Kinesiology Week last November 14th. Members of the Kinesiology Program have provided tours of the UPEI Kinesiology research and teaching labs in the Steel Building, followed by a meet-and-greet with light refreshments at the Fox and Crow in the WA Murphy Student Centre. They welcomed anyone interested in learning more about the UPEI Kinesiology program or the field of Kinesiology in general. Contact Angelie Carter



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Publisher: France Martin    Project Manager: Jake Watson

Jake Watson, France Martin, NBKA, Minda Chittenden, Muriel Ouaknine

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