CKA eNewsletter - Fall 2018
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Alliance Canadienne de Kinésiologie

CKA eNewsletter - Fall 2018
Vol. 2 no. 3

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New Branding - Creating a consistent Kinesiology story to tell

The CKA/ACK put wheels in motion and has achieved another milestone – the establishment of a Marketing Plan & New Brand in conjunction with its #KinVision2022 Strategic Plan. The CKA / ACK with the help of UpHouse Inc. from Manitoba defined a new brand for Kinesiology and have established marketing strategies until December 2019.

To help people understand Kinesiology, to help guide its development and focus our marketing efforts, we have created a consistent Kinesiology story to tell:

Kinesiologists are to people the human movement specialists that use science and research to offer movement as medicine to any person with a health or fitness goal, in Canada, who wants a hands-on, personalized approach, in an era where many practitioners spend less time with each patient and machines are performing more of the treatments....

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November 12 to 18th 2018

Get ready to participate –
Organize your event(s)!

Start thinking about activities in your community that you wish to participate in or to organise to promote kinesiology. In preparation for the 2018 National Kinesiology Week presented by HexFit and the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA) reminds Kins to reserve the dates of November 12th to 18th 2018 in their calendar.

This year KinWeek will be held in support of Osteoporosis Month (in November) and World Diabetes Day (Nov. 14th). Promote yourself, your services and connect with your community. Send your event information to CKA or upload it on A new marketing Tool Kit will be provided to help you reach health professionals and the general public: new videos will show, and demystify, what a Kin can do for them. It is all to promote the importance to use a Kinesiologist in one's pursuit of an active lifestyle. Stay tuned on October 10th as CKA makes the Tool Kit and the Videos available to you. Check your emails regularly.

Last year, KinWeek reached 1 million people. During KinWeek, the following activities occurred:
a) 56 activities in all with a reach of 937 people, carried out by several kinesiologists and seven PKAs. Kinesiologists across the country showcased their creative ways to make Canadians "move" (in meetings, seminars, webinars, and unique physical activities).
b) A Public Relations Campaign reached 938,700 people, 24 interviews (19 from radio and 4 on the Web)
c) A Social Media Campaign reached over 33 000 people with posted messages, videos, sharing and inviting people to use the KinWeek Profile Frame during the week.

We believe that CKA offers Kinesologists a great opportunity to reach your target market. Get involved!

This year's National Kinesiology Week will feature the new CKA Branding and KinWeek has been officially added to the Canadian Government's Health Promotions Calendar of Events

The 2018 National Kineseiology Week presented by Hexfit is in support of Osteroporosis MOnth and World Diabetes Day (IDF), support by ParticipAction, GLA:D™  by Bones & Joints, CCUPEKA, EIMC and in collaboration with BCAK, AKA, MKA, OKA, FKQ, NBKA, NLKA.


Diabetes Video     Osteoporosis Video



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Kin Business & Development

Insurance to 3-4th year Students of Kinesiology:

With its partner – PROLINK - the CKA has mandated Trisura to include a clause providing student insurance coverage; that is, kinesiology students or interns, but solely while working under the direct supervision of the Named Insured (an Affiliated Kinesiologist), provided always that such student or intern is enrolled in an accredited kinesiology program at a Canadian post-secondary educational institution that is recognized by the applicable provincial regulatory college or by the Sponsoring Entity;"

The PKAs have agreed to commit to verifying the credentials of students: at least 2 years accomplished University degree with receipt of transcript. Prolink is working the details with Trisura. The automatic extension of E&O coverage to students "while working under the direct supervision of the insured kinesiologist" will be effective Jan. 1, 2019. PROLINK has advised Trisura of the required changes to the coverage for supervised students since the CKA has received approval from the PKAs at the September Presidents Roundtable meeting. The CKA Professional Liability policy wording will be amended by Trisura to be effective with the new policy term starting on Jan. 1, 2019, in time for Renewals beginning Nov. 2018.

Extended Coverage If You Supervise Assistants Other Then Kin Students:

It has come to our attention that some Kinesiologists are refused job opportunities because they are not insured to supervise assistants that are not kinesiology students. There are 3 types of rehab assistants, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech/language audiology therapy. The first 2 are of interest to us as Kinesiologists. We recently were notified by 2 members that they were denied government service work contracts because their insurance does not allow them to oversee rehabilitation assistants with respect to the implementation of therapeutic exercise prescription or life skills development. Typically in these situations the Kinesiologist would develop the exercise plan and program, with the assistant responsible for implementation. This is a standard process for provincial government service work where rehab assistants are frequently utilized for supervision and monitoring of simple task work where a more qualified professional is not required for the supervision. Typically it is an OT who supervises a rehab assistant.

Considering that OTs have a history of higher Professional negligence claims and risk in the insurance industry. OTs are licenced in certain provinces and thus have professional liability insurance where regulated, that OTs who are also NOT licenced are likely not insured, that Rehab Assistants and PT may not be licenced nor insured.

Not all kinesiologists supervise therapy assistants, thus this will be offered as an add-on to the current programs, optional, for approx. 20-30$/yr (TBC). This "supervisory coverage option" as an "add-on" is effective Jan. 1, 2019. As we discussed, we believe that it will become confusing for CKA members if the PLI policy covers certain types of assistants at no additional cost (i.e., rehab assistants) while assessing an additional cost for other types of assistants (i.e., OT assistants attract a premium surcharge).

There would be no additional premium assessed to extend coverage to kinesiology students who are under the direct supervision of the insured Kinesiologist.


Kin Business & Development

The CKA Strategic Plan includes many tactics to raise awareness about kinesiology in Canada. Many of these tactics are linked to the Kinesiologists becoming regulated health professionals in as many provinces as possible. For example, in order to have taxes removed from kinesiology services, kinesiologists must be legislated in at least 3-5 provinces. With this in mind, the CKA R&D Committee has decided to create a Guide to Legislation that will be provided to PKAs.

This guide will include information and steps to begin the process of regulation in each province. This project will be tackled by a firm (starting in October 2018) and ready for publication in late spring 2019. Using Ontario's experience, who has been regulated since 2013, and Quebec (pending final decision by the end of 2018), we strongly believe that other PKAs will benefit from this Guide to Legislation and hopefully begin their own process (which could take between 3 to 5 years).

Kin Business & Development

McMaster Health Forum "Modernizing the Oversight of the Health Workforce in Ontario," 2017 - Review 

The McMaster Health Forum, launched in 2009, is McMaster University's policy centre focused on improving health care systems. Its goal is to "generate action on the pressing health-system issues of our time, based on the best available research evidence and systematically elicited citizen values and stakeholder insights."

The Forum's recent report, "Modernizing the Oversight of the Health Workforce in Ontario," stemmed from a 2016 dialogue conducted by the group on planning for the future health workforce. Out of this, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care asked the McMaster Health Forum to take a deeper dive into this topic. They sought to examine how to modernize oversight of Ontario's medical workforce...

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The Effect of Training Intensity on VO2max in Young Healthy Adults: A Meta-Regression and Meta-Analysis.
Science of kinesiologie

For more than 30 years, VO2max has been known to be an excellent predictor of premature death. To date, the most effective way to increase VO2max is cardiovascular training (1). Its improvement, if only a MET (metabolic equivalent to 3.5 ml O2 / kg / min), increases the chances of disease survival from 10% to 25%. Prescription of optimal intensity to promote VO2max gains is therefore very important.

The purpose of this study is to conduct a meta-analysis to measure the effect of training intensity on the increase in VO2max. Table 1 summarizes the characteristics of the selected studies, which were separated into 3 groups of average intensities: 68%, 87% and 167% VO2max.

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Tendons attach muscles to bones. Simple enough, right?
Well... kind of... not really!
Science of kinesiologie

Tendons are a specific type of force-transmitting architecture between a muscle and a bone. They are made of a strong fibrous collagen tissue and transmit the force of muscular contraction to a bone in an effort to create joint motion. Good quality tendons are like stiff springs; A stiff spring will stretch a little, and then recoil with most of the force that was required to stretch it initially. In our tendons, we call this stretch 'creep', and the recoil of the tissues 'recovery'. To prevent wasting energy and causing damage to a spring (or a tendon in this case), we need to have a certain degree of stiffness, resilience and efficiency. An example of this would be if I create tension in my calf by hopping on a single leg.

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TAPING - But which tape is best to choose? 
Science of kinesiologie

With additional training, Kinesiologist may perform taping. But which tape is best to choose? Premium Kinesio Tape Tested 6 Tapes tested! – See how Mobility Tape scored? Northern Soul Tests 6 kinesiology tapes from 5 different brands. Practical testing for 7 days and results. Brands tested include Rocktape , K-Tape , KT Tape , Theraband , Mobility Tape . See Video

Awareness of the Profession

The CKA will provide new self-promoting tools for kins to use. When sending the usual confirmation of Affiliation for 2019, Kinesiologist will receive 5 marketing tools:

  • KinMark Logo: use the denomination title to add credibility to your credentials
  • KinBadge Logo: With a Kin, you can…a circle as a seal of approval, a phrase that any client can adhere to
  • Business Card Template: use these personalised reminder cards to write in your client's next appointment
  • Supported by Kinesiologists logo: Add this logo to your events to increase awareness of the profession and increase the notoriety of your events
  • Certificate of Affiliation: Frame it and put it up the wall! Add credibility to your practice by letting people know your credentials and affiliation to your national professional alliance.

It is up to you! Promote yourself and your events..


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The CKA will be visiting Nova Scotia in conjunction with the 2018 National Kinesiology Week presented by Hexfit – an invitation by The Dalhousie Kinesiology Society. As CKA has helped Kinesiologists of Nova Scotia in their pursuit to re-initiate their provincial kinesiology association that was once created in 1989, CKA has taken on this speaking engagement to inform members of Dalhousie Kinesiology Society of the many benefits brought to Affiliated Kinesiologists by CKA and its partners.

EIMC will hold its 2nd yearly meeting from Nov 1st to 4th in Niagara Falls. Hardip (Happy) Jhaj, CKA Vice-President will attend the meeting and seek to obtain final approval of the pending recognition – of Kinesiologists to be given recognition for Level 1 (Personal trainer) and 2 (able to work with symptomatic clients). The CKA / ACK also participated in an EIMC Think Tank to create position paper requesting changes in Law to legislate physical activity to improve a healthy lifestyle.


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2019 CLHIA - CKA and PKA
in partnership

On May 7 to 9th 2019 the CKA and your PKA will be represented in Vancouver BC at the Canadian Health Insurance Association - Claims and Anti Fraud Conference

In partnership – CKA / PKAs  will attend the 2019 CLHIA Conference in the tradeshow and as speaker in the sessions. This includes 2 representatives: one CKA rep and one insurance lobby expert or PKA rep. Each PKA may participate in both the partnership with or without a representative. CKA and its PKA partner logos will appear on material, the booth decors and speaker presentation.

The CLHIA reaches annually over 200 insurers and claims associates in a tradeshow and CKA formally presented as speaker of the presentation sessions, plenaries and special events. We joined other NHOs such as the Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance, Canadian Chiropractors Association, Ontario Association of Osteopaths and other healthcare professionals as exhibitors. In 2018, it was a prime spot to meet and greet CLHIA members. This event being a national event was aligned with CKA / ACK 's commitment to raise awareness of the profession by aligning organizations, such as CLHIA, with our goals.

This event is in line with the Strategic Plan:

1. To raise awareness, promote, educate and advocate for kinesiology: increase CKA / ACK's reach and influence within the insurance and private sector.; In collaboration with its key partners, the CKA / ACK will have deployed a strategy aimed at representing the interests of kinesiology in the insurance sector; The number of insurance companies recognized kinesiology services as insured treatments (reimbursable to clients) will have increased

2. To lead the alignment of CKA / ACK key partners and stakeholders to advance kinesiology in Canada; Increase the number of meaningful partnerships with insurance companies; The number of partnerships with insurance companies that recognize kinesiology services as insured treatments (reimbursable to clients)

3. To strengthen the CKA / ACK and PKAs to pursue its vision and purpose and develop services and programs that enhance the capacity of PKAS. The CKA / ACK's services will have improved PKAs' organizational capacity.

Another great moment to promote Kinesiology and Kinesiologists.

Preferred rates - CKA BOUTIQUE IS NOW OPEN!

Save 20%

The online CKA Boutique offers the best to Kinesiologists! The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance partners with companies that respect CKA values and have common elements in their respective missions.

Companies have the opportunity to network, communicate and build brand awareness within the Kinesiologist community.

To all CKA Affiliated Kinesiologists,

The CKA is proud to offer you preferential rates on products and services from its partners in order to help you in your practice of kinesiology. Take advantage of discounts. HAVE FUN SHOPPING!


An education and exercise program
from Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation and Bone and Joint Canada

GLAD® is an education and exercise program for individuals that are experiencing symptoms of hip and knee osteoarthritis. The program is licensed by the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation under the title GLAD™ Canada and is currently being implemented across Canada. The 2017 Annual Report highlights that, from inception to December 2017, the program resulted in participants experiencing a 28% reduction in pain intensity and 35% of participants increasing their physical activity levels at 3 months post treatment. These results show that the GLA:D™ Canada program is successfully helping individuals with hip and knee OA manage their symptoms, improve their function and quality of life and have resulted in the program being made available to patients through public funding in some areas. GLAD™ Canada certified clinics are now available in 8 provinces.

To provide the GLAD® program clinicians have to attend a 1.5 day training session to become certified. Regulated kinesiologists can register for the course. Non-regulated kinesiologist must provide documentation to the GLAD™ Canada team which outlines their qualifications and experience working with this patient population. Training session are currently being organized for 2019 and registration will be available on the GLAD web site as soon as details are confirmed.

Further information about the GLAD program, including the 2017 report, can be accessed at the GLA:D™ Canada website . If you have any questions about the GLA:D™ Canada program please email .


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Sharing Information


The BACK is busy redeveloping their website and database system to be ready for November renewals; they are keeping contact with Universities to ensure harmonisation with Kinesilogy Degree Curriculum; the BC Public Auto Insurance have made it mandatory that Kinesiologists working for them must be member of BACK, they are also requiring Kins to attend an educational program on the many reports one must complete when working for them; BACK invites everyone to use the three new videos:
1. The Profession of Kinesiology: 2. Kinesiologists Helping People Live Better Lives 3. The Difference Seeing a Kinesiologist Made to Improving My Life - Client Stories

The AKA is having a membership night!! Alberta Kinesiology members, head to @alberta.kin Instagram page to learn how you can get discounted Stampeders tickets (Oct 13th). Aka is working towards events for kinweek and urges you to get involved.  The AKA is also currently looking for a Nominations Committee, Finance Committee (to help create financial policy and procedures), Discipline Committee (develop policy and procedures around enforcing the standards of practice and ethics), Standards of Practice Committee (develop standards of practice).

The AKA distribute a renewal communication will be distributed in the Fall, in the meantime the AKA encourages members to take advantage of all of the benefits available through their membership (learn more at

The OKA is in the process of nomination for new Board of Directors members; 7 people recruited and all should be settled for Nov. 15th; this year's annual Queen Palk activity will be held on Nov 15th during KinWeek; OKA is redesigning its new website; OKA's academic advisory committee is to establish practice based on research network and influence University to keep up with curriculum;

The FKQ is focused on accomplishing and participating in events to promote Kinesiology ie Sept 27th Seminar with Entreprise en santé; Touring 8-9 Universities delivering Kinesiology Programs (one new University added lately); FKQ has partnered with 2 tradeshows and one huge event in October (Pierre Lavoie Run and Walk); FKQ is also preparing KinWeek campaign with interview on "Why get involved in Kinesiology"; and FKQ is still awaiting decision from legislative authorities for the recognition status 

The NBKA AGM to be held November 3rd 2018 including a Conference Day Speaker; NBKA is building more partnership with the 2 universities who in fact will be speaking at AGM; NBKA has signed on 2 new corporate sponsors UPAC and Société Musette; NBKA has created a binder of action items and roles of each Board of Directors members in line with their ByLaws as a tool since there is a frequent turnover of BofDir Members; and NBKA is involved in reinitiating the Atlantic Provinces Taskforce Unit;

The NLKA's membership in 2018 has increased probably due to creating and attending increased student relation events, ie Memorial University Speaker Series (one per month), NLKA notes that they are losing members to CSEP: and the NLKA AGAM will be held on Nov 17th with student workshops

Nova Scotia

A group of Kinesiologists of Nova Scotia led by Marki Wong are hard at work to complete the final paperwork required to have KANS registered with the authorities now that seven members to the Board of Directors are secured; hopefully all will be finalised to be ready for the November date for 2019 Renewals.

Travis and Angelie, Kinesiologists from PEI, are still working at establish a new PKA and also working at completing the paperwork to get registered. We are currently actively reaching out to individuals with a kin degree on PEI and inviting them to join and get involved. We are taking submissions for board members for the PEIKA and hope to vote on those soon. Contact Angelie Carter



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A word from CKA partners


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